Tamara Summers
Senior Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - NIKE
Ana Rosa Is Accurately Able to Name the Real Issue

I initially became connected to Ana Rosa via a 6 week course on Shame and Vulnerability that she taught at the Women’s Center. It was through that first encounter that allowed me to experience the greatness of who she is and what she gives to others.

Since then, Ana Rosa has coached both me and my teenage daughter, individually. There are many attributes that stand out to me about Ana Rosa. She has a true passion and love for coaching others that you can feel from the moment you meet her. She has a tremendous depth of experience as a coach. Ana Rosa is a skilled listener. Let me say that again, because in finding the right coach, authentic and genuine listening cannot be taken for granted. She listens! It is through her deep listening that she is able to ask thought provoking questions that shift one’s perspective and ultimately behavior change.

Ana Rosa is very intuitive. There have been many times that, on the surface, presenting issues I brought to the table were not the actual issue yet manifestations of deeper social conditioning and prior lived experiences. In other words, Ana Rosa is able to accurately name the real issue. Ana Rosa offers tailored and practical approaches that are long lasting, leads to personal growth and are regenerative. In working with Ana Rosa, I’ve always been stricken by the vast knowledge wealth that she is able to pull from, inclusive of comprehensive coaching methodologies, philosophies and practices. She is one who “puts her oxygen mask on first” before giving to others in continuously honing her craft and skills.

I am tremendously grateful for the personal change I’ve experienced in working with Ana Rosa.