Empowering and Nurturing Educators


Educators face unique and demanding challenges, often at an unparalleled pace. While we express gratitude for their work in theory, in reality, the demands placed on them often outweigh the support they receive. In recent years, particularly with the added strain of the pandemic, these challenges have become even more pronounced. Our workshops draw inspiration from the methodology of Dr. Brené Brown, aiming to equip educators with the essential skills of shame resilience and daring greatly.

In addition, we provide workshops centered around the Enneagram, offering educators valuable tools to deepen their self-awareness and engage more effectively in their roles.


  • Developing Shame Resilience Classrooms
  • What is your Call to Courage?
  • Values, Empathy and Self-Compassion in the Classrooms
  • Leading with Trust and Clarity of Values
  • Cultivating Braver and Daring Educators
  • Managing Burnout
  • Learning your Leadership Style
  • How to End the Stress Cycle

Leadership Coaching for Educators

Educators face a multitude of pressures and expectations, from school districts, parents, staff, and the overarching goal of serving their students. In this complex environment, it’s crucial for educators to not only excel professionally but also to nurture their own well-being.

These Leadership Coaching Program is a collaborative partnership between a skilled coach and an educator. During the coaching program, I facilitate deep self-discovery and empower educators to adopt more impactful approaches in their interactions within the educational landscape that they must navigate.
Through my experience, I’ve witnessed firsthand how these coaching programs empower educators, providing them with a space to organize their thoughts and care for themselves as individuals within their roles.

By incorporating coaching methodologies such as the Integral Coaching™ framework, along with programs like the Daring Way™ by Dr. Brené Brown and the Enneagram from Awareness, I offer educators powerful tools to navigate their challenges and foster self-awareness. This supportive space refines their professional approach, enriching educational experiences for both themselves and their students, while also fostering personal growth and well-being, enabling educators to thrive both inside and outside the classroom