Struggling with procrastination? Thoughts of “not being good enough?” Comparing yourself to others? Self-doubts when having to make decisions?

Do you identify with any of these?

I am here to tell you — YOU CAN DO THIS!

My coaching is action oriented. I will be your accountability partner. Together will tackle thoughts and patterns keeping you stuck.

What I bring to my coaching:

Beyond my academic pursuits and certifications, the essence of my coaching lies in just me being real, sticking to my values and facing life head-on. My life experiences, mixed with what I’ve learned, make my coaching space a safe place for self-discovery. In this space, I provide safety and encouragement for you to navigate life and leadership roles with the essential self-awareness necessary to embrace both courage and vulnerability as a leader.

Methodologies I integrate:

Methodology – Integral Coaching™

Integral Coaching offers a specific, tailored and crafted program for each person. It is not a generic program; it is as unique as each one of us are. Integral Coaches meet clients where they are and work at being practical (short term support) and integral (overtime progress) Transformation occurs because the client is seen and is given a means to regain access to the unique qualities that only they embody.

While outcomes are specific to each client, Integral Coaching® programs always aim towards three broad ends:

Long-term excellence – this has two dimensions:

  • Competence – which is distinct from a goal because once we achieve it, it is something that stays with us afterward.
  • Fulfillment – is that feeling we get when what once burdened us has lifted.

Self-Correction – when we develop the capacity to identify the discrepancies between what we say are values are and what we do, between what we intend and the actual outcomes. When the client becomes self-correcting, they no longer need the coach, which is what we all want.

Self-generation – when we develop the ability to renew ourselves continuously by reaching out to resources without and within. When this becomes a practice, the process becomes continuous.

Additional Coaching Tools:

I incorporate tools from other programs such as Daring Way™ by Dr. Brene Brown and Enneagram from Awareness to support the client. These programs are rich in content and help leaders to:

  • Further develop their skills in self-awareness and emotional intelligence, that are crucial to adapting to and working with unforeseen changes.
  • Learn new healthier, more effective ways to address difficulties that helps prevent possible burnout or exhaustion.
  • Develop specific leadership skills, which can be learned, will lead to a successful, engaged and collaborative leader.

In the end our goal is to take the leader to a new level one that leads them to meet organization and supervisor expectations as well as their own.

Some things you can expect while we work together are:

Joy is an emotion that we rarely acknowledge. We tend to believe that everything needs to be perfect in our lives in order to have joy. When we embrace joy we find it in the most daily and simple things in life and they fuel our soul to move forward with the challenges we may be facing.
It is sometimes hard for us to identify on our own how to create balance in our lives. To be able to find balance we need to learn about boundaries and learn how and when to put them in place.
Making career changes can be very scary and at the same time one of those important decisions in life that we keep postponing or even we never make. The coaching relationship could be crucial for those marinating these kind of move or growth within the area they are working.
It is very easy for us to go through life in automatic pilot and loose a sense of purpose or clarity of our goals. Setting goals and defining our purpose with accountability is a game changer, it leads to achieving those goals.
Everything that we do in life revolves around relationships both in our personal and professional arenas. Through coaching we can learn to develop strong, healthy relationships which can be one of life’s biggest supports.
It is very easy for us to see the roadblocks that others are facing but hard for us to see ours. I will offer you the space to explore and identify your blind spots and how to work with them in order to overcome the roadblock that are getting in the way of your goals and dreams.


The Steps to a Successful Coaching Program



On a personal level:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals (with accountability)
  • Get unstuck
  • Feel more calm and less anxious
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)
  • Communicate more effectively both at work and at home
  • Establish meaningful connections in all areas of your life
  • Overall wellbeing

On a professional level:

  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility
  • Increases employee and staff engagement
  • Improves individual performance
  • Helps identify and develop high potential employees
  • Helps identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to human resource development