I think that we all agree that changing is hard.

My personal history, my life has been quite a roller coaster. Exciting but also one with challenges and struggles. I have been gifted with incredible emotional strength and a sense of humor that have helped me overcome the challenges in my life.


I am one of six siblings. Both my parents are amazing people. They have a good heart and there’s no doubt in my mind that they always wanted the best for us. However, like so many of us, they both had their own baggage to deal with at a time where there weren’t many resources to handle the emotional challenges that came with that baggage. These kept them from being available for us emotionally in certain moments of our lives so, to make for that void my siblings and I became quite a pack.

We took care of ourselves and although we had to face a lot of challenges, we had a great time while growing up. We laughed and had fun, but we also felt afraid and lonely and although our pack worked wonders, nothing could make up for the emotional absence of our parents. I developed a deep sense of abandonment that also led to feelings of shame and lack of self-worth. I grew up feeling inadequate most of the time, always thinking that I was less than those around me.

Woman in the Making

After college, I went straight to corporate America. I worked long hours and had huge success. I got married to an amazing man (with his own baggage, of course) and I felt I had it made. I did not realize that I was all armored up with anger, which was the engine driving my success. I was angry at life. I thought it was courage but, it was anger drizzled with anxiety and disguised in a very clever way. This started to affect me in all areas of my life and it led to years of intense therapy.

I became a self-help junky. I was so shocked at how my past and how I interpreted it affected my life so unconsciously and those around me that I became an avid reader of anything related to personal growth. These readings shed some really powerful insights. I learned a lot but also felt a lot of emotional pain and felt lonely in my life path.  In time I realized that life did not have to be so hard. That I needed to heal and grow but I could also have a good time.


Discovering my Passion

The role of some amazing professionals; therapists, psychiatrist, coaches, teachers and mentors were crucial in my healing process. To be honest, I would have not been able to be where I am today if it was not for the support, wisdom and guidance of them. I realized how important they were in my growth and how hard it was for me to find good one. Confident of what my journey has taught me and keeps teaching me daily, I decided that I wanted to help others the way these people helped me.

That led to perusing studies in coaching and counseling. In a way, I had been doing this all my life. I’ve always had the ability to be present for others in moments of deep emotional pain. I could listen to others and give them some guidance that came from within. Having the capacity of relating to others personal which in itself is a gift, because in the end, we all want desperately to be understood.

This is what I bring to my coaching practice. Yes, my studies and degrees. But even more, my learnings, my journey together with my gifts of connection, inner wisdom and raw life experience.

Certified Integral Coach

Certified Daring Way Facilitator

Enneagram Certified Professional